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TE.93. Pachisi Board

Pachisi game board made of textile, India, Late 19th - 20th century.

CA.19.1997 Carpet

Silk-Pile Carpet, Timurid or Delhi Sultanates, Central Asia or India, early 15th century

MIA.2013.158 Tomb Cover

Fragment of Tomb Cover Signed by Master Muhammad Hasan bin Hajji Muhammad Kashani and comissioned by Hajiyeh Khanzadeh, doughter of Qasim Abiyanegi, Safavid, Iran, 1153 AH (1740 - 1741 CE)

TE.27.1998 Tomb Cover

Tomb cover with reversed inscriptions, Safavid, Iran, 17th or 18th century

TE.33.1998 Textile

Silk textile, Nasrid, Spain, late 15th century