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CA.98. 2012 Carpet


Carpet with 'Mille fleurs' niche design, Mughal, North India, mid 18th century

CA.2.1997 Tapestry

Silk Tapestry Known as 'The Franchetti Tapestry', Safavid, Iran (Kashan), 16th century

CA.1.1997 Tapestry

Silk tapestry depicting the story of Leila and Majnun, Safavid?, Iran (probably Kashan), late 16th - early 17th century or Europe, late 19th century

CA.82.2010 Carpet

Silk carpet with niche design dedicated to Sultan Murad, Safavid, Iran, 16th century

CA.80.2008 Carpet

Silk carpet known as 'Rainey Rogers medallion Polonaise', Iran (Isfahan or Kashan), 17th century