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AA.6.1997.1 Yataghan (Short Sabre)

Steel Sword with Gold Inlay , Ottoman, Turkey, 15th - 16th century, signed Mustafa ibn Kemal al-Akshehri

MW.644.2012 Sword

Steel Sword with Silver Mount, Darfur Sultanate, Sudan, 1316 AH and 1320 AH (1898 -1899 and 1902 -1903 CE)

MW.643.2012.1 Sword

Steel Cavalry Sword, Napoleonic, France, 19th century

MW.625.2011 Sword

Steel Sword, Mamluk, Egypt or Syria, 14th century

MW.607.2010.1 Sword

Steel Sword with Gilded Brass Handle, Tipu Sultan period, India (Seringapatam), 18th century