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    Library Opac


Finding the catalogue

You can use our Library Catalogue, called the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue), to locate the materials you need for your studies. The OPAC is available at dedicated PCs in the Library and online at the following url: 


The Library Catalogue (OPAC) provides you with a great deal of useful information for finding things and is very easy to use.

Searching for materials

Use the Library Catalogue to search for many different types of material including books, journals, eBooks and handling objects.

Start your search by entering a keyword, title or author in the search box.

This will give you the initial results, depending on how specific your search was, you might find your item immediately.  If it wasn't specific, then you can easily limit your search to find what you're looking for.

Limit your search

At the top there is an option to “Limit your search”  there will be a series of criteria to help you refine your search, including: Library, Language,  Format, Type or Year Published.  Click on any of the links to narrow your search and help you find exactly what you want.

Search Results

Once you have a reference, or list of references, that matches your search, click on the item that interests you. The Library Catalogue will display the location of the item - make sure you record if the book is in: Reading Room, Scholars, Oversized or the Rare Book Room. 

The important information is location and the call number, which will help you locate physical items on the shelf, this is the number on the spine of each of the items on the shelves.

You can find the bibliographic details at the bottom of the page, which might be useful to you.

Advanced search

Advanced searches are available through the link to More Search Options by the search box on the front page.   The advanced search enables you to refine your search criteria so that you get a list of results that matches your needs more precisely. For example you can search by language so you only find books in French or Arabic.