• Inspired by books Jewellery and Calligraphy

    Inspired by books Jewellery and Calligraphy


The design issue?

Clemence's family have a tradition of giving each other gold necklaces with the person's French name translated into Arabic. Clemence loved this family tradition but wanted to improve it by incorporating traditional Arabic calligraphy into the design of a new bracelet.

Using the Library and collection to find inspiration

Arabic Graffiti - for modern ideas, The Calligrapher's Garden for ideas about text, The Complete Guide to Calligraphy" for basic information Kufic Script", "Islamic Calligraphy", "The Harmony of Letters" for examples. Clemence had a meeting with the head of the Calligraphy workshop and he worked with her to better understand the pens of calligraphy and to create the design for her bracelet.

Create the design

The Head of Calligraphy presented Clemence with her final design based on the ideas she had explored using the books in the MIA Library. The hand drawn design was then photocopied in different sizes to create the final template for the jeweller to create the finished piece.

The finished product

Once the template was complete the final step was to meet with the jewellers in the Souk and commission them to create her bracelet. Clemence was very happy with the final version of her bracelet.