• Imperial Threads Flower Motifs

    Flower Motifs

Flower motifs, a common design found in many compositions, are apparent in most of the objects featured in this exhibition. Simple four- or five-petal flowers exist in Timurid manuscripts, Ottoman tiles, Safavid carpets or Mughal jewellery, while more stylised central compositions of interlaced floral patterns (or arabesque) are also a common feature. During the reign of Jahangir (r. 1605-1627), naturalistic floral components were featured more regularly in Mughal art due to the emperor’s interest in nature and animals. These included hyacinths, carnations, tulips, violets and cypress trees, in addition to blossoms recalling Persian art.

Perfume Sprinkler

Mughal, India

18th century

Gem-set ruby and gold, with painted enamels

13.7 x 4 cm


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