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This portrait of a minister from the Deccan was part of a royal album made for the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan (r.1628-58 CE), as is evident from the naturalistic flower borders framing the image.

This painting is in possession of a rather illustrious collecting history, although many Persian and Mughal miniature paintings passed through the famous art collections of Asia and Europe before finding a home in a modern museum. Formerly held in the the Mughal imperial library, this portrait was later part of the art collection of Baron Maurice de Rothschild (1881-1957), a prolific art dealer and collector.

Baron Rothschild and subsequent generations of European collectors developed their own collections of Persian and Mughal album folios and miniature paintings as items of cultural prestige.

Page from a Royal Album of Shah Jahan
Artist: Hashim
Mughal India, early to mid-17th century
Ink, opaque watercolour, and gold on paper

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