• The Hunt Bowl

    The Hunt Bowl


Mina’i (enamelled) or haft-rang (seven colour) ceramics are a special group of pottery produced in mediaeval Iran, requiring advanced technological knowledge as well as financial investment, since each artwork required a minimum of two firings. They were one of the luxury ceramics of their age, often featuring finely-crafted figural artwork from the so-called ‘princely cycle’ of activities such as feasting, hunting, and music-making.

Here we see two confronted horsemen, each stabbing a lion with swords. This confronted-huntsmen scene is relatively common on mina’i ware although in most cases the animal is instead a deer, or a hare. Its iconography clearly indicates the power and majesty of the triumphant royal hunters as they defeat a noble beast.

Saljuq or Khwarezmid, Iran (Kashan)
12th century
Glazed ceramic, enamel