• Workshops for Schools

    Workshops for Schools


MIA’s Art Education and Calligraphy teams are dedicated to maintaining and delivering the highest possible standard of learning within the creative and visual arts for all our visitors. Our art and calligraphy workshops and courses are available to all ages.

Art Workshops for Schools

Art workshops are available Sunday and Monday, 8:30am - 10am.

Curriculum Links for Art Workshops 2016/17 (.PDF 1MB Download)


For Arabic: 44028746 – 44224216

For English :  44224416 - 44224216

Paint, Pots and Flowers

KG1 - Grade 2
How can preschoolers learn the art of Islimi design? By learning drawing techniques and having fun, of course! In this workshop, young learners will be taken on a floral and foliar inspired tour of the galleries then create their own Islimi-inspired vases using mixed media and MIA's objects as inspiration.

Enchanted Gardens - Floral Designs in Islamic Art

Grades 1 - 12
Students will enter the rich world of botanical designs found in Islamic art and they will discover the different plants and flowers that decorate many of the art objects in the MIA collection. Students will learn about the biology of flowers while practicing basic drawing techniques and either make a composition of stylized plants using watercolors (Grades 1 - 6) or trace and outline to imitate the illumination method using chalk pastels (Grades 7 - 12).

Geometry in Islamic Art

Grades 1-12
This workshop will allow students to learn about different designs in Islamic art found in many of the museum's artifacts. Students will be introduced to Islamic Art through a tour in the permanent galleries. They will then investigate basic concept of geometric design in Islamic art and using basic geometric instruments like the compass and ruler, they will construct the division of the circle to create a variety of shapes such as hexagons and stars. The complexity of the shapes produced will depend on the age of the students.

Science in Art Workshop

Grades 3-12
In this workshop, students learn about the scientific, decorative and social roles of one of the most well-known traditional astronomical instruments, the astrolabe. The visually stunning collection at MIA will be the basis of this workshop where students will gain an understanding of the astrolabe's function and form. Students will deepen their understanding by making elements from the astrolabe, or constellation images. The complexity and focus of the workshop will increase with the age of the students.

Calligraphy Workshops for Schools

Calligraphy workshops are available on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9am to 11am. These may relate to the permanent collection or one of our special exhibitions.
Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book.

Arabic & English: 44224653 

Calligraphy Workshop

Grades 3-12
Individual workshops are available during the morning for school groups to explore historic Naskh and Ruq'ah Arabic scripts from 9 - 11am. These sessions are a great introduction to calligraphy for students already secure in writing skills.

Calligraphy Course

Grades 3-12
The elegant Arabic scripts of Ruq'ah and Naskh can also be taught in a special 10 week course - students will come once a week (9-11am) for an in-depth study and practice of this prestigious art form.

More information about workshops and courses on our What’s On calendar.